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Niagara Firearms Training


Canadian Firearms Safety Courses in Niagara Region

COVID Update -January 4th 2021

We are no longer open. If you have registered for a course in the past please email us so we can transfer you to a new course.



The course involves students being in proximity to one another as well as handling firearms which have been handled by other students.

 We have enhanced screening measures as well as specific cleaning protocols. The firearms are sanitized between handling sessions. Health Canada approved sanitizer is provided and masks must be worn in accordance to the requirements of both the FSESO and Niagara Health.

There is no additional cost or penalty for rescheduling. (during COVID) Refunds are not offered.

All our instructors are vaccinated. 

There is now a requirement for students to be vaccinated as of Sept 22, 2021. if they attend a venue. You will need to provide proof of vaccination or a medical exemption in order to attend class. Once these restrictions are lifted we will look forward to welcoming all students.

Thanks for your support through these difficult times.



We offer firearms courses for those seeking a PAL (Possessional and Acquisition Licence) for hunting, target shooting and jobs such as armed guard and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).


Niagara Firearms Training is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We offer courses in conjunction with Niagara Frontier Academy.


Our facility is dedicated to firearms safety training and is located in a professional classroom setting, a former high school. Our class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 12 people. The smaller class size ensures personal instruction and hands on training with our lead instructor. We are setting the standard in firearms training. We teach firearms safety courses in the GTA.


Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Our instructors are experienced and certified (by the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario) professionals and authorized by the Chief Firearms Officer for Province of Ontario to deliver courses. Our primary instructor has been teaching the program for over twenty years. He is a member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Niagara Firearms Training is a member of the National Firearms Association (NFA) and National Rifle Association Business Alliance and the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights.(CCFR) We are Setting the Standard in Firearms Training.


Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC and CRFSC) Non-Restricted and Restricted are offered at least once a month on Saturdays/Sundays or weekdays.


We generally respond to e-mails within 48 hours and often sooner. Due to COVID this timeframe might reach one week. Please do not email to ask when the next course. The courses are posted on this site.


ONLINE Registration can be completed in under one minute and you will be confirmed into the course.  

Niagara Falls:

2022 *****ALL COURSES SUSPENDED*********

Jan 15/16 - FULL - SUSPENDED



Feb 26/27 - Reserved


Available -  means at least one seat remaining. Courses are filling fast.

Reserved -  is currently for those students that have paid and we are confirming into new courses. Due to COVID many students had their courses cancelled.

WAITLIST-means that there are spaces on waitlist. Very rarely are students converted from waitlist to regular student.

FULL - means there is no room in the course and the waitlist is full.

If you don't see any future courses it's because there is nothing more planned at this time. We offer courses every month throughout the year. You will need to check the website for availability.

We don't add hundreds of people to the waitlist as it gives people a sense that they might get a spot in a course that will never materialize. If the listing does not indicate WAITLIST - please don't email us about being added. All courses and statuses are current on our registration page. We offer courses every month. We do not maintain generic waitlists at this time.

E-mails asking about the next course will get a generic autoresponder directing you back to our registration page. The demand is very high for the program due to COVID. E-mail asking for the next date will not be responded to.

Updated:  12:00am November 28, 2021

The course is conducted in English - students will be introduced to a fair bit of new vocabulary. We recommend reading the electronic book or purchasing a book from the FSESO in advance of your course. The exam must be completed in either English or French (please verify that we have exams in stock) without assistance from a translator. The course is pass or fail, meaning that there is a standard which has to be met on written exam (80%) and the practical (hands on) exam (80%).

Online payment is the only method of payment.

No refunds will be provided for no-shows or those that fail the first day of the course. If you are unable to attend the course the course is transferrable to someone else. If you contact us we will try and place another student in your seat as we almost always have a waiting list. If you are sick or not feeling well please let us know as soon as possible and we will rebook you into a future course.

Free Download - Course Manual




Dedicated Classroom